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Why Play Therapy?

Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate form of counselling for children 3-12 years old.
Play is a child’s natural language therefore it makes sense to use it as a medium for processing difficult emotions, behaviours or experiences.

Children often have difficulty expressing themselves verbally however, if provided with the right tools; a caring, sensitive and empathetic adult, a child is more likely to feel comfortable to reveal inner thoughts and feelings using toys and other materials.

Benefits of Play Therapy for include:

  • Children enjoy coming
  • Children feel seen, heard and understood by a therapist who accepts them for who they are
  • Children develop coping skills and creative problems solving skills
  • They are given the opportunity to explore and express feelings and develop stronger social skills
  • Stronger family relationships


How we work with you and your child

An initial parent interview is the starting point for planning play therapy for your child.
Parent/s meet with the play therapist (without your child) to discuss your concerns and purpose for play therapy.
Time, dates and location for therapy are arranged and play therapy can begin.
The play therapist is trained in a range of specialised play therapy approaches and will plan and implement play therapy to support the child and family.